Another Trip…

Around the sun, that is. It’s official. I am middle-aged. I slept pretty well, considering.

I decided to get myself this little item. It echoes for me that fascination with the older symbology – the Morrigan, the harvesting…
A product of Elisson’s progeny, Jocelyn Gayle offers a number of pretty little things. I think a few more will have to find their way into my collection. (I do adore the apple orchard necklace…)
A quiet day, I wonder about the next half of life. What will it bring? What wonders or terrors will I see? Time will tell…

7 thoughts on “Another Trip…”

  1. The secret, my dear, is to know in your heart that every year, you become more mature – like a fine wine that becomes more complex, more nuanced…and more valuable.(In my case, I seem to be aging like a cheese…every year brings a few more blue veins, and an extra measure of stinkiness…)I am so glad you are enjoying your Birds Pendant…the Mistress will be so pleased!

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