Sop It Up With A Biscuit

Yup, that’s the proper way to think about this fella. Max Martini, he plays a fantastic character, Mack, in the show The Unit. Now, I’m not saying the show is realistic or accurate.

Just damned entertaining.

They took a trip overseas to visit with the guys they help portray. I like that. I also like that they do try to make the scenes as real as possible within the constraints of story line and – well, what Hollywood thinks they should be.

The last few eps have featured Mack and his slow slide into – well, perhaps not madness but…futility? He works this scene like crazy. And the look at his nemisis at the end of this one? Pure hate. Love it. If you haven’t been watching, check out the full eps online. Like I say, it’s not entirely lacking in BS but…it makes up for it with beefcake.

2 thoughts on “Sop It Up With A Biscuit”

  1. This pretty accurately describes how I feel about The Unit. Sometimes it drives me crazy, but I wouldn’t miss it. And Max Martini does a fantastic job with his character (and isn’t at all bad to look at!)

  2. Hey, anon – yep. Frankly, it is surprising to me how pro-military it has been. So little of that is permitted in Hollywood…I truly wondered if they wouldn’t start making political statements with the show…thus far it is very subdued in that regard.

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