Ah, frustration sets in…still so much to get done and time is running out. But tomorrow at this time I ought to be thoroughly stoned out of my gourd and hopefully feeling no pain.

At least Trooper is capable of cookery. He has many a recipe to work with and I am happy with breakfast for dinner.

But well away from all that is the deep concern…will things go as they should? Will I wake? Will the surgeon’s hands be deft and sure? All I know for certain is that It Will Be.

And so tonight I will gather together that folder of pertinent details – the To Do’s just in case.

So, against the unexpected, I wish you all well and words that fall from fingers like finest lace. And if I am not here, I’ll be here, maybe, enjoying the view. Smooch!!

2 thoughts on “Countdown…”

  1. I’d wear my seat belt to and from the hospital. Knowing my luck, I could walk out of a bank robbery safely with all my cash and get held up on the way home. So the hospital could be the most pleasant part of my trip.Best wishes to you.

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