Damn it but I’m tired.

About five different doctor appointments and one more tomorrow for all manner of bloodwork before the…Day.

When I had the hysterectomy, I had about 48 hours to mull over what would happen and how to deal with it. This time, I’ve had most of a month to fester and when I start to think about it I get all manner of frightened.

And it takes a lot to scare me, generally.

So I am trying like hell to get a handle on the last of this office mess. I’m dragging out all the unfiled files and the organizational goods that are languishing under piles. Because I shall be working from home for many days and if anything bumps me I shall howl.

No, this was very, very necessary. More so since I really needed to find and shelve all my cook books that I’ve been missing so desperately. As you see, I have hedged security and privacy by filtering the shots. But I think the extent of the problem is clear, no? Oh, all those books…I hate to get rid of one as I tend to get them only because I intend to keep them forever. But in truth I know that there are a good forty or fifty that could go away. And perhaps they shall.

I do know that I intend to break out a couple old favorites for the convalescence. The first is an omnibus edition of the first few Thieves’ World books. If you aren’t familiar – and any fan of Fantasy merged with law enforcement – you really ought to hunt them down. I have nearly all the books in one form or another and try to read the series once every few years. Indeed, I took an online identity from one character because she spoke so clearly to my own…self…

Another series is C.J. Cherryh’s Morgaine set. Oh, how wonderfully she writes there. She has this manner of making it all so real – every little detail comes through without her having to point each one out. (In fact, I loved Exile’s Gate so much that I bought a print from Michael Whelan of the cover. Someday I shall get it framed, damn it…) Lastly, is her contribution to another series, Heroes in Hell. Go ahead – click the link. I’ll wait.

See? Now you just have to read it, right? Yup. So as you can see I have my hands full for the next few weeks. It will be hard to decide which to read, really. I love all three sets so much…

At any rate, I’ve my work cut out for me, now. And time is wasting so I had better get back to it. More later if I can accomplish this Herculean task.

Addendum: This print makes me think of Brigid. Called The Reach, it has been a favorite. But the hair is what brings her to mind, I think. Though I admit that she likely has felt like that before – hanging on but still reaching out. I know I have. I am.

3 thoughts on “Preparations”

  1. Joooaaannn….Sigh! I KNOW Life gets in the way and that your art cries out to you but…Won’t you spare us all a snippet of time? Perhaps just a Friday post? One Friday a month?!LOL Och, I miss ya. Glad to see a few snippets here and there from ya. I understand the need to walk away but…you are one of the “Ziggurat” Maidens (V-man reference there for the uninformed). Don’t stay gone long…

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