A Good Hat and A Good Deal

I would never have considered myself to be the cowboy hat wearing type. But once you live in Texas awhile, it just seems natural. The sun is vicious and especially to fair skinned folks such as myself. And I’d like to remain that way, thanks.

So finding a hat that makes me feel like a natural vs. putting on a costume can be difficult. I got a Larry Mahan straw ages ago and it was servicable but…not always comfortable. Too stiff, it needs a lot of breaking in. But then Trooper turned me on to the Atwood Palm Leaf. The Hereford Low Crown, to be precise.
Folks, this thing is the most comfortable hat I’ve ever worn. Light and soft, it is nothing like the stiff straw that I own. And the band is a soft suede that just barely hugs your noggin. And look at it – nothing about it screams costume. Mind you, I am not sure I like each us having the same hat as we might have that “Oh, how cute! They match!” look going on…but it is so damned comfortable that I flat out don’t care.
And the shade is necessary – particularly since I ran over my prescription sunglasses with the mower last month…I’ve not been thrilled with the expense of a new pair. The hat was far cheaper.
Also…can I just say how much I’ve loved shopping on Ebay lately? I am a very discriminating type and tell it to find for me only the labels and goods I want. Laura Ashley, Sundance, Soft Surroundings, and the like. I have lucked out and acquired a number of very nice things lately for a fraction of their value. An entire summer wardrobe for the price of a single piece when new.
Perhaps it is the Welsh in me but I love that – I love having nice things (oh, yes – yes I do) without having to pay a fortune for them. I’d love to shop in a fine boutique, as I once did long ago, and have money be no object. But I have to admit – the finding and bidding has its own thrill. And yes, I’ve lost no few items that I’d have loved to own to those damned sniper bidders. But I’ve adored all the things I’ve acquired and, I must say, they fit quite nicely.
Of course, there is that early 40’s jacket that I won’t be able to wear until post surgery – but that was why I got it. Too lovely to not own it and a fine gift to myself for the suffering to come. And come it shall…saw another surgeon the other day. Just a few tests and it will be time to book a date. Terrified? Yes. Ready? Oh, yes. Just one step on a long road to fixing all these ailments. As she noted, it would not likely aid my hand issues. No, but it sure as hell won’t hurt, either, to have 20 lbs removed from my shoulders every day. Well, nigh unto that amount, anyway.
At any rate, yay for me. That’s what this is all about. Yay for me and do get an Atwood if you are in the need for a dog days of summer cover. Just a fine damn hat…

2 responses to “A Good Hat and A Good Deal

  1. LOVE the new header picture. Just got back from the range, an LEO one open up for general shooting on Sunday’s. Will have some photos later, it was big fun, even without the Wilson Combat Tactical.

  2. Thankee! I’d forgotten about it – haven’t been to that range (or any other, shamefully) in a long while. It’s blazing hot out there and TX for some reason won’t allow spouses to use the FABU range up in Florence.It’s sooo nice, too. Trooper did his shooting team tryout there and I came along, relishing the sounds and scents.And I am all about that EOTech, dang it. We’re – heh – scoping out a scope for my new rifle but I am not sure we’ll spend that kind of money on it. We already have two with very nice sights on it so…Still, mmmm, mmmm. Suhweet.

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