We’ve all seen the Big Dog and been very excited and disturbed by it. Well, check out their RiSE bot.

Can you imagine? Thousands of them clambering over the earth? You could easily mechanize the building process…

And if they gave the widget little geckel feet? Mmm hmmm….

Folks, the people making these things make me so proud and so scared. I wish I could work for them – I seriously do. Because they’re only revealing one layer of their onion – I promise you that.

Of course, you have to see the hilarious mockery made of Big Dog – I spewed my coffee.

The Man’s Chair – but women like it, too!

I was gazing at all the coolness of Uncrate today and came upon My Chair. It was once as pristine as it is in the photo but a vast number of cat scramblings and cross country moves has made it…lived in. Still, if you’ve the funds you will not be disappointed. A glorious chair to settle in for a long read or even a nap. And yes, the ottoman is a must – unless you get the recliner version. Suhweeet…

Go ahead and put your hiney in it at the store and see if I’m wrong.

Muckety Mucking Crap

I am so tired of this rain…I know – we need it. But…I am unwell. I’ve some sort of crud and utterly without patience so trying to explain to a 65 lb dog that it cannot go out and play is getting tiresome. As is the inside play that we’re resorting to.

So I thought we’d all take a nice nap. Yeah…well…my stepdaughter appears to have moved cross country without bothering to take note of the mover’s phone number nor that of her new apartment. Yesterday it was the electric company in Atlanta because she didn’t request a shut off. WTF?! I am a wee bit tetch-y today but…how in the HELL do you MOVE and not have a fucking LIST of important phone numbers and a checklist of all the things you have to get done and have them all DONE?!

Oh, seems she PACKED all the information. In the middle of the truck. Somewhere.

I adore her but…this has become the most ineptly managed piece of shit ever. EVER. And I am pretty much giving up at this point. No more referrals, no more asking my execs if they know Denver execs. Nope, done. Because I just can’t take on her lack of preparation anymore.

Oh – and let me note that she is moving into an apartment that has some of the worst online reviews ever. Oh, it’s near a yuppified park and in-town, etc. But it has no central air. You get a unit in the living room. HA! And parking but even if it’s your spot it is not enforced. No closets…I mean, it’s a complete rip-off as far as I can tell. But what can you do?

So I shall do the only thing I can – make appropriate noises on the phone when she calls and let her sink or swim on her own. I don’t like to be that way but I have done more than most already. I think it’s time to walk away.

For now, I promised myself I’d get my office figured out since I’ve some peace and quiet. The damned dog can kennel for awhile longer. A few hours and I might at least have it sorted out a bit! Damn it, I feel like crap. And I needed that nap…my poor husband…

Just in time…

…for my darling husband’s departure…my truck throws a code. Sigh! Well, I suspected it and confirmed today that it’s the damned O2 Sensor – but at least it’s the #1 – I believe the #2 is the one near the cat convertor and an entire BITCH to remove. (Yes, I’ve replaced them once before…)

So I have the item in hand and purchased the handy proper socket for same and may tackle that in the morning. I can drive his truck for now tho, in truth, it isn’t terribly harmful to drive mine as is. Maybe I can get our pal Les to help out.

I ADORE Les…he runs a towing service and is the consummate gentleman of the road. He takes his work seriously, has made an ingenious air bag system for lifting vehicles (out of parts and things rather than paying the $50k or whatever for the “system” from a manufacturer), and has the COOLEST trucks. He just bought a huge one that will tow damned near anything. LOVE IT.

Anyway, I suspect I can get his aid to pull the part – the sloping driveway here makes it rather hazardous to jack the truck up.

The storm rolled through here last night like a freight train. It was lovely, I must admit, what with the stroboscopic lightning and the giant tower just off to the north. I suspect many people had an awful time of it. We merely had lashing wind and rain.

We spent a FANTASTIC time in Houston last week, visiting the MFAH exhibit, “Pompeii”. If you’ve any interest in antiquities this is a must see. Of course, we were both very excited by the set of gladiatorial armor but the jewelry…that was just astounding. The workmanship was as good if not more detailed than anything at Tiffany’s. Go look at the images on the site. There was a silver cup covered in olives that was supremely decorated with the smallest borders.

The crater reminded me very much of the one that Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema used in so many of his paintings. And the frescos…there was one that was so lovely but you could not take photos so I can hardly even tell you of its detail and beauty. They would use perspective so well, creating these views as though in a temple open to the sky. Maddeningly lovely.

So that’s about it. Time to find something to eat – soup, I think, for this nasty throat of mine – and then the park for dear Ranger who has been so patient this morning.

Quiet…such a lovely, quiet morning…

Alone, Again

I’ve done possibly the cruelest thing possible to a man: I’ve asked him to help a relative move.

Yes, yes – he will cart my beloved stepdaughter across country from Atlanta to Denver in her moving van, her vehicle in tow behind. And to answer the question in all your minds – yes, he must love the living hell outta me.

So I sent him off today to the TSA Hell wherein his nice bottle of water was confiscated though unopened (I forgot about the rule). Yeah, I know – you’re thinking that as a Trooper he could have pulled rank or something but he didn’t. Doesn’t, really, ever. Anyway, he has arrived and I suspect he has found things Not Quite Done.

I had my suspicions that she was doing more Farewell Party-ing than packing these last few months. We all know that moving is a bitch, sure, but when you know for 6 months? Well, at any rate, her “friends” (did any show?) haven’t gotten it all loaded on the van yet. Bless that man of mine, he didn’t even curse. Not once. They’ll continue working and he’ll sleep on her floor tonight.

Personally, I am entirely disappointed in what she has and has not done so far. But as he says – you can give kids the toolbox and tools – what they make with it is all their own. Still, I cannot help but recall that I never relocated without a job, never needed a cosigner on anything and…well…anyway, it’s just been one stressful hurdle after another for us both.

And here’s the thing: she’s NOT a bad kid! She’s NOT irresponsible or a druggie or a user of people. So how she went from stable to grasping for help I don’t know. All I know is that I married the sweetest man in the world and he is doing for her a tremendous thing. He is giving her time to sleep, a safe passage, and a gentle landing in her new life.

Yeah, I owe him.


SO…a weekend alone. And what have we done? Lined up the series of Sex and The City episodes and already dined on chicken soup (yup – terribly sore throat just in time for my weekend of single-ness). Up next is a divine little dessert composed of the leftover ganache from a friend’s birthday cake and the whipped cream from same. It will grace the lovely low calorie ice cream sandwich in the freezer and see me through the first episode. I cannot WAIT.

Of course, there is the dog…a lot of park time and a visit to his best pal will, hopefully, have him quite tuckered out.

But I sure do miss that man of mine. I think I’ll put new sheets on the bed and snuggle in early with a book – something I so rarely do anymore. And call him before I go to sleep to hear his sleepy goodnight. What a gentleman…truly.

Happy Birthday, Baroness

Ah, yes – the birthday girl…she was about 33 years old in this photo, entirely in love, and likely as happy as she ever was. For, she met Denys this year. And next…she’d be back to Denmark for 18 months.

This morning – after a very stormy night – the sun rose through clouds and had the most lovely watery golden shade. It came over my shoulder, surprising me with its glow. And I could not help but wonder if she’d met such dawn light herself on this day so many years ago.

How I wish I could go there and see it for myself. Skål, sweet Baroness.