Gawd awful is what I call it…all this “much ado about nothing”. I was 14 when I first noticed that what we were being shown in politics was nothing like what they meant. From that day forward I decided to withdraw from the matter entirely. I think it has been the best choice – particularly considering the offerings we’ve had to choose from in my voting lifetime.

I like Billy’s post, too, acquired too late for the previous entry here. Emphasis my own:

“It’s wonderful to see Field Marshal Rodham getting kicked in the teeth in South Carolina. What’s awful is the hysteria surrounding Obama. Over a whole lifetime of listening to it, one can get used to the whoops of crowds resounding to patent horseshit phoning out of the mouths of these anglers. It’s just part of the drill every four years: they say as much of nothing as possible in wholesale lots, and then reap the cheapest possible sentiments of human mash. A rational person cannot listen to it, except in the spirit of estimating storms on the horizon.”

Indeed, the coming storm…and the bulwark against it? Likely these – and more besides.

They know the value of words, oaths, promises, and vows. The price one might have to pay. In every town, every city, they walk among us with memories they can only tell each other.

I’ve more respect for the newest Private shining tight boots than for any of the fools on parade for an office for which they’ve no respect. No comprehension of what they wield and for whom. And we, forgetting that we were supposed to be wise – supposed to never forget that we held those reins and were to rattle that bit in their mouths. When did we all forget that? What happened that we went from being the most self-sufficient group of people to being the smallest minded grasping idiots that we seem to be now?

It is no great experiment. It is the very last bastion of…freedom. And we’re tossing it away with the thought that at least “our” guy will fuck the rest of them. It’s not what they meant, those poor bastards in American history. They meant for each of us to work for what we wanted and to hold it against all comers for as long as we wished. Unmolested. Without…without looking like maniacs for thinking that way.

I truly believe that it is all going to go away – all civility and manners are fleeing. All consideration and kindness. Not long after departs Reason. Leaving…animals. And you have already seen them, I know. Each of us have met that breed just going about our lives. If what I believe comes to fruition you shall need a bullet for each one.

Stock up. Against the coming storm.

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