Spending Time

Ah, days of vacation passing by…yes, we’ve been taking a few days off together and it has been just fantastic. Of course, I don’t sleep in like he does – my body just refuses – and I’ve had to still check the office email because people just don’t get the concept of vacation. But…

We went to the TSU campus in San Marcos to see the Lonesome Dove gallery exhibit and stood in rapture at movie props. (I adored the final love letter to Clara.) If you are a fan of the movie, you ought to see the place as the exhibit moves on end of March next year.

We hit the Hill Country and just wandered the small roads on the way back home.

We’ve revisited his youth at Canyon Lake where he used to go while in the Army. They’d jump off a cliff into the water far below, avoiding the shelf of rock that jutted out. Here you can see the place – just above the orange sign that probably says something about not jumping off the cliff.

It was a very blustery day but we walked across the top of the earthen dam to get a better view and then worked our way via truck back to the park to get to that vantage point.

The kind lady let us in as the sun set for a free drive-around. We got out and he walked, his memory striving to bring back the place, the views, and he finally was able to erase the Now and find that path – behind a fence, now – that led to that place of youthful revelry. I watched the tall grass, all golden now, wave in the constant breeze and it was like being on a boat – it gave you a sense of the ground in motion. I’ve made a note to return again at sunset for a photo.

Yesterday, we took the back roads of our town – well in the back of things – and found many lovely old farms and homes. I’ll bring my camera next time and get some pretty photos. He talked to a mother cow, too, her brand new calf laying in the grass. Seems she didn’t like what he had to say as his catterwauling got her to do the same and reinforcements arrived, Bossy Bessy running, udders akimbo, to her aid. We laughed and drove on, not wanting to upset her too much.

And the gardening…we picked up all we need to revamp the entryway and got a good start on it last night as the sun set. I’ll be out there again in a few while he sleeps in.

What a glorious time together…so many fantastic sights and quiet moments. He’ll be FTO’ing soon and these times together will be few for the next 6 months. (Let’s just say that this group of graduates appears to be that of warm bodies more than great candidates…or maybe his area just got the scraps…) It’s going to take a lot of work to get that fellow into shape. But he’s prepared to do so. This isn’t his first time training someone.

What a grand life…and what a terrific place Texas is…sigh…

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